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      Strategic Green Belt land release in Redbridge

      Redbridge 6

      Redbridge, UK

      Barking Havering & Redbridge NHS Trust

      This project successfully petitioned for unused Green Belt land to be repurposed to provide valuable housing in the Redbridge area

      As part of Redbridge’s Local Plan, our client instructed us to promote NHS-owned land and petition for Green Belt release

      Through extensive engagement with the local plan process, and ongoing discussions with officers at the council, it was demonstrated that the area of land was surplus to the needs of the NHS. It no longer performed its function as part of the greenbelt and a planning application justified its change of use to a housing development. 


      To achieve planning permission, evidence was prepared to demonstrate that the land was in a sustainable location for housing which would positively impact the surrounding area. The petition considered elements such as accessibility to public transport and road networks, as well as existing commercial and community centres such as schools and employment sites. The scheme would also accommodate an existing wildlife site into the master plan.  


      Redbridge 7

      Our petition aligned with the Redbridge Local Plan that encourages growth and development in the area. We satisfied the specification of the planning authorities and the site was removed from the Green Belt and allocated for housing.  

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