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      Helping shape the UK's fastest growing property market - The Oxford-Cambridge Arc

      The Arc - Helping shapre the UK's fastest growing property market

      The Oxford to Cambridge Arc


      Our carefully constructed and long running thought leadership campaign played a major role in developing the UK government’s vision for the Oxford to Cambridge Arc (the Arc) National Economic Priority Area.

      We conceived, created and delivered 16 planning and economic policy recommendations to the UK Treasury, and built and led a coalition of the UK’s most influential property leaders responsible for property assets.

      Our parallel media campaign – A Radial Regeneration Manifesto - received coverage on Sky News and in The Times and we launched the report to guests and media at an event held at the Francis Crick Institute in London.


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      A textbook case of how to bring expertise and thought leadership to bear. Bidwells has engaged senior players in the property industry to support Government in realising its objectives.
      Jackie Sadek, COO UK Regeneration

      By developing a high-profile campaign and bringing senior decision makers from major property firms to the table, along with senior government officials from the MHCLG, DiT and DfT, we:

      • Developed the global investment market’s awareness and
      interest in the Arc

      • Showed how the Government’s Arc vision could best be delivered~

      • Aligned a single industry voice that government could engage with

      • Created significant opportunities for our development and
      investment clients

      The Government is consulting with the public on the creation of a single Spatial Framework for the Arc to guide infrastructure and the green economy to 2050 - the number one policy recommendation of our thought leadership campaign.

      We currently administer the Arc Market Forum, which formally advises three government departments on the Arc. The group formally recommends 10 large-scale development schemes to the UK Treasury - the equivalent of 85,000 new homes and 18m sq ft of employment space.


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