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      Facilitating a windfarm development within commercial forestry to create a blueprint for sustainable green income

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      2,019 hectares

      South Lanarkshire/East Ayrshire

      The Cumberhead Forest Complex located in south-west Scotland forms part of a cluster development of operational, consented and planned windfarms. Our role was to negotiate the terms on behalf of the forest owner and represent developers on the forestry aspects of the planning applications.

      We have represented our client ESN(F) for more than 35 years, focussing on strategic forestry management and diversification into sound investment opportunities including renewable energy. As proactive and early adopters of windfarms, so the Cumberhead development was very much in line with their ambitions. 

      In negotiating the terms of the windfarm on behalf of the owner and representing the developers with the forestry related aspects of the planning EIA applications, it was paramount to ensure there was no conflict of interest. Our forestry team supported the developers’ application for wind farm approval while our renewables team ensured the landowner received the best commercial terms for the development.

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      In the now consented 50MW Cumberhead Wind Farm, our client has a substantial and sustainable integrated income from renewables and timber for decades to come.

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      As technology and policy progresses, there is plenty of scope to increase efficiency and output.

      Recognising Bidwells’ leading skillsets and experience in forestry and renewables, it was agreed with both parties that appointing us maximised the chances of a successful application while minimising the impact on the underlying forestry asset.

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