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      What we do/ Our Projects/ Castlethorpe Road

      Residential development in a rural service centre location, contributing to local housing need.


      2.2 hectares

      Hanslope, Milton Keynes

      Start/End Date
      2018 - 2019

      A project to deliver a high-quality residential development on an unallocated site, our client needed to understand the opportunity to develop a strategy for a mix of dwellings, public space, pedestrian access and landscaping.

      We worked closely with our client to prepare and submit a speculative planning application for the development of 50 dwellings and associated facilities. The unallocated site would benefit from 34% affordable housing and contribute to the five-year land supply in the area. After refusal by the local planning authority during a period of an evolving local policy framework, we appealed and represented the client throughout the hearing process, which involved close collaboration with the representatives of the adjacent site, who had also appealed a refusal from the LPA.  


      While managing the appeals process, our compelling arguments had to be continually adjusted due to the council's changing policies. The strategy focused on maximising the benefits to the community and how the proposed development would respond to the housing shortage in the area. Alongside managing the project team to develop a scheme that respected the character of the area, we advised our client on how to present the case to the Inspector that the approach of the LPA was flawed, which ultimately was key to the success of the application. 

      The planning application was approved on appeal, alongside the adjacent site, with the private landowner able to sell their site with permission to a high-quality local housebuilder to deliver much needed housing for the local area.

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