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      Identifying the opportunity, unlocking land and value, and bringing back total control to a UK pension fund

      SYPA (South Yorkshire Pensions Authority) HQ
      SYPA HQ, Gateway Plaza, Barnsley

      A UK Pension Fund

      1,040 acres (purchase opportunity)

      £7.8m acquisition value

      Imagine owning a block of land but the centre - the sweetest and most favourable part - was not yours. Obtaining control of this central piece meant the possibilities would be very fruitful but getting to this stage would mean specialist advice and strategy.

      Having managed this UK pension fund’s estate for 15+ years, being aligned to their business plans and aware of their aspirations, we knew that seeking total ownership of land in this location would deliver significant marriage value to this part of the rural portfolio. So, when the land came to market, we knew we had to acquire it for them.

      With this land came existing tenants so the strategy included ways in which we could work with the them to see if vacant possession could be delivered early.

      After the usual purchasing procedures, we engendered positive landlord-tenant relationships on behalf of the client. We have agreed terms to secure 700 acres from the principal tenant, which the client can farm for themselves. We are now engaging with the other tenants, to explore similar opportunities.

      The purchase established contiguous ownership of approximately 3,500 acres of land, which is unusual in this part of Cambridgeshire. The control of formerly neighbouring land has established a larger and highly valuable agricultural asset, which our client will further improve over time.

      Bidwells was quick to identify the opportunity. During quite complicated negotiations, Bidwells kept the client fully informed and provided useful and tailored advice at all times.
      John Hattersley – Rural Project Advisor for a UK Pension Fund

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