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      Farm Management

      We speak your language because we have the practical and personal experience to understand that farms, and how they are managed, are as individual as their owners.

      Wellcome Trust - Farmcare

      Acquisition of the largest, and highest valued at £249m, rural property portfolio in the UK

      We speak your language because we have the practical and personal experience to understand that farms, and how they are managed, are as individual as their owners.

      We can help with strategic farm planning and business oversight, drilling down into the economics of your operation to get the most from your assets. But we can also get to grips with the practicalities of soil management and cultivation.

      Highly qualified and passionate about farming, we’re certainly not afraid to get our boots dirty. Always looking to the future, we are embracing new agricultural opportunities and sustainable practices which will enhance our clients’ operations.

      From root to tip, we advise on every aspect of arable and livestock farming – seeking the best end markets for your produce while keeping abreast of global commodities and prices. Our technical expertise, industry knowledge and strategic oversight is unsurpassed.

      Our focus is to ensure the future profitability of your farming operation as policy, support mechanisms and markets fluctuate. Our holistic approach to your business will help you succeed

      Service options

      Estate Management

      We know that a rural estate, regardless of where it is in the country, is much more than a business.

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      Natural Capital and Sustainable Investment

      Funds seeking sustainable investments are channelling capital into land-based assets with natural capital potential - but the market is still young. We’ll cut through the noise and help you to monetise the opportunities available.

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      Project Management

      Managing a project is a bit like spinning plates with a myriad of considerations and people involved. Our attention to detail and professional approach keeps everything moving in the right direction.

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      Property and Client Accounting

      You need a safe pair of hands to manage your financial affairs in a smart, secure and accurate manner – we have 180 years’ experience of doing exactly that.

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      Strategic Forestry Management

      Regarded as ‘architects of the forested landscape’, our highly specialised team identifies opportunities with real growth potential, then helps purchase and manage that asset for you.

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      Succession Planning

      Delivering a fit for purpose succession plan, which will stand the test of time, requires a clear head, together with technical know-how and creative vision, bound with empathy and understanding.

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      Our skilled expert valuers have their fingers on the pulse of taxation, legislation and market influences, ensuring you receive detailed, up-to-date reporting, whatever the asset.

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