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      What we do/ Development/ Development Management/ Development Appraisal and Financial Modelling

      Development Appraisal and Financial Modelling

      Funding development and generating returns is a long-term undertaking. It takes time for money to start coming in, so it pays to be clear on your development cash flow and likely returns at the outset.

      MK Gateway CGI FINAL
      Saxon House, Milton Keynes
      MK Gateway

      Creating a new digital hub for Milton Keynes’ innovation economy

      Our development managers help predict the future, understanding your cash flow and exposure, and translating our technical analysis so you can decide the best way forward.

      We will assess the project’s viability and show clearly when returns will be realised, adjusting your financial model by using all our development expertise and market knowledge. We look at simple one-off appraisals and complex models across multiple schemes to help you report to your stakeholders or board members, as required.

      We maximise value by advising on the best mix of uses to optimise your returns, plugging in the numbers - revenues, rents, yields, build costs, professional fees, finance, profit margins and purchase costs - to help shape your proposal and strategy.

      Getting the correct numbers out requires putting the right information in. We will fully maximise your development returns and accurately model your cash flow to help you make good early decisions

      Service options

      Pre-letting and Leasing

      Our uninterrupted vision of shifting supply, global demand and rent levels in our chosen markets mean we spot trends early, so you deliver what the market wants, at the right time.

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      Development funding

      Sharing in development risk with a funding partner can make good sense but finding a UK or international investor with compatible objectives is crucial.

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      Joint venture and partnering

      If you don't wish to go it alone, we can set up innovative joint venture arrangements that build in flexibility and help share development risk.

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      Strategic planning advice

      Securing planning permission is critical in securing an uplift in the value of your land but long before submitting an application, you may need advice on the best strategy to employ.

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      Site and option analysis

      It is only after your site’s opportunities and constraints have been fully uncovered can you decide the best way of unlocking its full potential.

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      Land assembly

      Piecing together land to create large-scale plans often pays off with a smoother path to planning permission and higher returns.

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      Assembling and managing key consultants

      Any development will require a wide-ranging cast of experts to realise a vision; the key is modelling the appointment of these experts to best manage project cash flow.

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      Gaining planning consent

      Getting your planning application approved is more than just box ticking. Securing planning consent means persuading the doubters and managing conflict along the way.

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      Budget and cost management

      Designing a scheme that will be viable, valuable, and to institutional standards is only possible with the right development budget in place that will bring you return on investment.

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      Project delivery

      Our project managers work closely with our commercial team to formulate a viability statement, giving you expectations on affordability, deliverability and potential yield before embarking on the complex construction stage.

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      Investment valuation

      We use our in-depth market knowledge to provide asset valuation advice on your investment before, during and after your acquisition or disposal.

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