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      Project Commencement and Performance Monitoring

      Agreeing the right deal up front is important but good performance monitoring ensures project objectives are hit. You need sustained focus from a well-oiled team delivering from day one.

      Building 1 and 2, TusPark, CSP 3
      TusPark, Cambridge Science Park

      Delivering the next phase of renewal and investment at Cambridge Science Park

      Getting things on a roll requires a tight grip on the consultant team and as a project progresses, you must keep attention focused on the right areas.

      We’ll stay on top of everything for the duration of your agreement, proactively engaging with all parties at each stage to drive progress towards your goal.

      This means regularly meeting and liaising with the technical team delivering the ecology assessments, planning reports and architectural work; chasing local authorities and managing relationships on your behalf, looking for potential problems and avoiding delays.

      A development partnership is a long-term arrangement. We’ll get things off on the right foot and put mechanisms in place to ensure all parties stick to the agreement

      Service options

      Strategic planning advice

      Securing planning permission locks value into your development, but it’s early strategic and creative planning advice that creates it.

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      Land assembly

      It pays to be bold when assessing whether acquiring more land or partnering with your neighbours might deliver something bigger - and perhaps more valuable - than if you went it alone.

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      Opportunity analysis

      By focusing on maximising the opportunity, we will help you look beyond the site’s constraints and see what might be possible.

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      Initial concept design and financial analysis

      At the inception of a project you need someone to have a feel for where you are headed, helping you sense check ideas and look at the financial implications of design choices and technical information.

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      Scoping financials and other priorities

      Understanding what you want from a development project is the starting point. It’s different for everyone but only once your objectives are clear can we shape your strategy around them.

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      Joint venture and partnering

      We pair ambitious developers with long-term UK and global investors, setting up innovative joint venture arrangements that build in flexibility and work for everyone from start to finish.

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      Shortlisting and selection process

      Your site has development potential, but you need a partner to help unlock its full value. Choosing the right one is not always a matter of simply picking the highest bidder.

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      Featured insight

      Does your school building project seem to be dragging on? Are you having meetings about meetings, and not seeing any progress?

      Eddington_200421 3
      Tom Sampson, Partner at Bidwells, suggests perhaps it’s time to crack the whip on your project team.

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      Creating a home for three of the world’s trillion-dollar companies
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