rural heritage

Bidwells has a fresh approach to our nation’s rich legacy of heritage assets, prioritising finding viable new uses to enable these buildings to be conserved for future generations.

All heritage assets require careful and informed management. Our team of qualified and experienced heritage consultants help owners of historic buildings and landscapes preserve the special character of these assets whilst exploring their value for the long term. We work with clients responsible for listed buildings, sites within conservation areas, locally listed buildings and non-designated heritage assets.

Our team carries out extensive research and assessments of the significance and setting of heritage assets as well as evaluations of the impact that development proposals may have - all in accordance with best practice guidelines. Our team can also provide informed design advice to help you explore the potential value of your site. 




  •  Finding options for unviable heritage assets 
  • Turning liabilities into income-generating assets 
  • Handling proposals for new development, alterations or extensions
  • Advising on designated and non-designated heritage assets and curtilage issues.




  • Research - we undertake intensive research as an essential part of our service, to enrich our understanding of the project, and to add both value and depth to the advice we give to clients.
  • Design - Our team understands how best to address heritage impact issues through design. We have wide experience of finding solutions to potential problems and we add value to the design process.
  • Assessment - We are expert in making assessment of impact to all kinds of built heritage assets. Our assessments are based on a robust understanding of the scheme and its benefits.
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