Solar (PV) is the capture of energy from the sun to generate electricity. Photovoltaic panels are installed in arrays on roofs or on the ground. Bidwells has primarily been involved in large ground mounted schemes ranging in size from 25 acres (5MW) to 250 acres (50MW).

For landowners we are able to provide a range of services including negotiating and advising on the option and lease terms, access and cabling agreements and land rights negotiations. We are able to provide support from the initial site selection through to the project completion and can also provide lease and rental management services once the site becomes operational.

For funders we are able to provide a due diligence report and a valuation to assist in consideration of an application for a loan facility.

Despite the changing legislative environment, the market remains active with developers seeking large sites (in excess of 200 acres) or sites which have a direct end user. Grid capacity availability and connection cost remain the key constraints.

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