Feasibility Studies

Many landowners and businesses are interested in renewable energy development, but are not sure where to start or what technologies, or combination of technologies, may best suit their needs.  This will depend on a variety of factors including the characteristics of the site and the natural resources available, to the energy demands of the property / business and the preferences and requirements of the owners and occupiers. 

Whether you have defined ideas or not, an initial Options Appraisal or a more detailed Feasibility Study are important first steps in ensuring that any scheme pursued is technically feasible (i.e. are there any ‘show stoppers’ to development), takes into account the specific circumstances of the site, and meets your wider financial and other objectives. 

A typical feasibility study may cover a variety of areas, but is likely to include consideration of planning requirements, resource availability, local grid capacity and other technology specific constraints (e.g. telecom links), to technology options, financial support and incentives, energy yield modelling and financial appraisals.  From this, tailored recommendations and advice on ‘next steps’ can be formulated allowing better and more informed investment decisions to be made.

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