Oxford City
The 2016-2036 emerging local plan is currently in examination stage. The council's response has been sent to the inspectors in reply to their second set of questions and comments. The council are currently awaiting a response and will not publish their response until such time.

The local plan is unlikely to be adopted pre-Christmas.

South Oxfordshire
The 2034 emerging local plan is currently in examination stage. Options to withdraw the plan were considered at a full council meeting, with members voting to extend the decision time. Officers due to recommend continuation of examination at Cabinet on 3rd October. Full Council may take a decision on 10th October.

It is highly unlikely that any new site allocations will be considered soon.

Vale of White Horse
Part one of the Vale of White Horse Local Plan for 2031 was adopted on 14 December 2016. The second part of the local plan was found ‘sound’ by the inspector in June 2019 but a change in administration has since altered the progress. Officers due to recommend adopting Local Plan Part 2 at Cabinet on 4 October. This will ultimately be decided on at Full Council on 9 October.

There is potential for a review once the plan is adopted, although the timeline is uncertain.

West Oxfordshire
The West Oxfordshire local plan was adopted on 27 September 2018.  No review is anticipated in the short-term unless monitoring suggests otherwise and there will be no call for sites for at least a year as the current strategic housing and economic land availability assessment (SHELAA) is at an advanced stage.

The first part of Cherwell's Local Plan was adopted on 20 July 2015.  Following the examination of the partial review of  the Local Plan 2011-2031 part 1 – Oxford’s Unmet Housing Need, a post-hearing advice note was issued by the inspector on 10 July 2019 requesting main modifications and any associated updates to the evidence base . A follow up letter was sent by the council to the inspector anticipating that “the work, the informal consultation [with the Inspector], and the requisite six-week consultation on Main Modifications could be completed in time for formal submission before Christmas.”


Local Plan Watch Autumn 2019 Oxfordshire

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