LOCAL PLAN WATCH spring 2019


King's Lynn and West Norfolk 

Kings Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council commenced a Regulation 18 draft Local Plan consultation on 4th March, running until 15th April, 19. The response to this consultation will then inform the Council’s preparation of its pre-submission Local Plan (Reg 19) which is due to be published for consultation towards the end of 2019.

North Norfolk
North Norfolk District Council is aiming to publish a First Draft Local Plan (Part 1), for consultation in May, 19, which will detail the emerging proposed policies and development sites. Further to this, the Council will also be consulting on the Draft Landscape Character Assessment, Draft Landscape Sensitivity Assessment, and Draft Design Guide Supplementary Planning Documents.

The First Draft Local Plan (Part 2) will be published later in 2019, accompanied by a second consultation, regarding the location of proposed development sites in village locations; alongside any remaining proposed policies.

Breckland Council are undertaking a six-week public consultation on the proposed Main Modifications to their draft Local Plan between 18th February and 1st April, 19.  Whilst the majority of the modifications are relatively minor, the Inspector has required a change to the Council’s method of calculating housing supply, the consequence of which is a notable increase in their annual housing delivery target.  It is anticipated that the plan will be Adopted in June 2019.  However, an early review of Housing Policies is required, and is expected to commence shortly after Adoption.

Greater Norwich Local Plan (Broadland, Norwich City and South Norfolk)
The next consultation stage is the publication of the Draft Plan (Stage C Regulation 18) in September/October 2019. The Draft Plan will include the Greater Norwich Growth Board’s preferred growth option and draft site allocations. The GNLP team is not entertaining new site submissions until the Draft Plan consultation. New site submissions at this stage must demonstrate how they are more suitable than those sites already included within the draft plan as preferred options. The key stages of the Greater Norwich Local Plan timetable are set out below:

  1. Reg 18 Stage C (Draft Plan) – Sept/Oct 2019
  2. Reg 19 Publication – Feb/March 2020
  3. Submission – June 2020
  4. Examination – early 2021
  5. Adoption – September 2021

On 29th January 2019, the Greater Norwich Growth Board met to consider the proposed approach set out by the Greater Norwich Local Plan team for developing the planning strategy for growth to be consulted on in Autumn 2019. The draft strategy comprises elements of each ‘Growth Option’ set out at the Stage A Regulation 18 consultation, and contains the proposed strategy for the distribution of growth across the Greater Norwich area to 2036. The meeting papers can be viewed here.

Great Yarmouth
Great Yarmouth Borough Council undertook a Regulation 18 consultation on their Detailed Policies and Site Allocations Plan, which constitutes part 2 of their Local Plan and will sit alongside the Core Strategy (Part 1), which was adopted in 2015.  They are currently considering the responses received, and are preparing the Proposed Draft Local Plan Part 2 for Regulation 19 consultation, which is expected to take place in early summer 2019.  Adoption is currently timetabled for Spring 2020. 

Local Plan Watch Norfolk - Spring 2019

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