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mark harris

Standard Methodology Consultation

lisa Hall

EIA Post-Brexit - Business As Usual

sam metson3

Greater opportunities for the redevelopment of brownfield land in the Green Belt

Simon Elliott5

Local Housing Need: Don’t Panic Mr Hammond

guy kaddish

South Cambs and Cambridge City Local Plans are found sound

Simon Elliott4

Lifting the Housing Methodology Fog

Mike Derbyshire

Final NPPF lands but struggles to make waves

chris surfleet2

Court of Appeal re-stresses importance of Heritage setting assessment

Simon Elliott3

Oliver’s Army Needs Somewhere to Stay

Corinne MacDougall BW cropped2 News Article

Scotland Planning Newsletter, March 2018

Corinne MacDougall BW cropped

Scotland - Development Plan Update May 2018

David Bainbridge2

Affordable Housing : Definition Changes

Simon Elliott2

Housing Need: Local Housing Need Approach is Too Simplified

Iain Hill

Rural Housing: Areas of Ambiguity Remain

sam metson2

Local Plans: Will Updates be Avoided Where Possible?

David Bainbridge3

Deliverability: LPAs Will Need to Consider Their Supply Sites

corinne macdougall

Scotland - Development Plan Update April 2018

chris surfleet

Non-designated heritage assets in Conservation Areas

sam metson

Interim update on the Letwin Review of Housing Buildout

david bainbridge

Our view on the draft NPPF


Scotland - Development Plan Update March 2018

simon elliott2

Delivery of Housing, NPPF

FillWyIxNjgiLCIxNjAiXQ steven butler

Launch of New Essex Design Guide

FillWyIyMzUiLCIxOTAiXQ david bainbridge

Planning for Delivery of Homes

FillWyIyMzUiLCIxOTAiXQ corinne macdougall

Scotland - Development Plan Update January 2018

neil waterson3

Cambridgeshire local plan update

Mike Jones

The Centre of Attention

simon elliott

Housing Need Made Simple…

FillWyIyMzUiLCIxOTAiXQ Jonathan Bainbridge

Mayor Sadiq Khan Issues SPG on Affordable Housing & Viability

FillWyIyMzUiLCIxOTAiXQ corinne macdougall2

Scotland - Development Plan Update December 2017


High Court Passes Judgement on St Albans City & District Council On Duty to Cooperate

chris s

Broad assessment of Heritage setting endorsed by the Court

w640 8284928 corinne

Scotland - Development Plan Update Nov 2017

FillWyIyMzUiLCIxOTAiXQ aimee fowler

Update from the Supreme Court is very much ‘business as usual’

FillWyIyMzUiLCIxOTAiXQ james alflatt2

EIA Alert: Automatic legal cost caps against environmental related challenges scrapped - FEB 2017


Fixing Our Broken Housing Market - Feb 2017

daniel gender sherry

Garden Settlements Planning Update - Jan 2017

FillWyIyMzUiLCIxOTAiXQ james alflatt

EIA Alert: Consultation kicks off on the replacement EIA Regulations - Dec 2016

jake nugent2

New Written Ministerial Statement, Neighbourhood Plans - Dec 2016

robert hopwood

Jockey Club's plans for 'Gallop in the sky’ - September 22

matthew richards

The London Plan draft Affordable Housing and Viability SPG - Nov 2016

Simon Elliott

Autumn Statement reaction - Nov 2016

david bainbridge


mel balk

Neighbourhood Planning Appeals recovery period extended for third time – July 14

ellie gingell

Changes to the Planning Practice Guidance – May 25

john long

Housing and Planning Act 2016 – May 19

simon henry

Government wins affordable housing threshold appeal on small sites – May 13

simon elliott

Bidwells Submits Their Response To The Local Plan Expert Group – April 28

Paul Willmott

Communications Technology - Elevated from 'Vital' to 'Essential'

Matt Richards 2

London & The NPPF: A Ballet Between the Mayor and the MHCLG

jonathan phillips

Agent of Change Principle Steps Further Forward

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