Our goal is to embrace the interiors of historic buildings in a contemporary way, whilst reflecting on their history for future generations.

Bidwells combines its heritage and interior design teams to provide a modern heritage interiors service to create contemporary designs within heritage buildings. We work with external consultants and design teams to navigate issues arising when dealing with heritage buildings, particularly Listed Buildings and their statutory requirements.

Although it is clear to most that the exterior of a listed building is protected by legislation, the extent to which the law also applies to the interior and, as such, what requires consent or not, it not always appreciated.

Bidwells’ heritage team can ensure that the aspirations of an historic property owner or tenant align with the responsibilities of the local planning authority, and that any such proposals are achievable and can obtain the appropriate permission. This specialist service offering has arisen because of requests from clients and sits alongside our work as heritage consultants.

What we do

  • Advise from the earliest concepts for interior design
  • Maximise your scheme’s potential whilst also taking account of what makes the existing building special
  • Provide advice and research at an early stage to give a clear and concise strategy for designers to respond to
  • Lead on negotiations with the local planning authority’s conservation officer to obtain permission or when there is a need to rectify existing works.


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