Bidwells' heritage team is expert in the assessment of potential impact on all types of built heritage assets, including listed buildings, non-designated buildings and conservation areas.

Our assessments are based on a robust understanding of the site and the proposals, and we understand how to bring aspects of ‘benefit’ into the balance when presenting our analyses.

Our success is based on a clear process of ‘research-design-assessment’, whereby the values of the heritage assets (and their settings) are understood from the outset. This knowledge then informs the design process to ensure that potential impact conflicts are minimised or mitigated where possible. The assessment stage occurs throughout the design process to inform decisions but it is also the conclusion of the process where final levels of impact or benefit are summarised to accord with current legislation and policy.

Our assessments can help with:

  • Identifying initial site potential
  • Clarifying levels of harm or impact arising, and the where benefits may be found
  • Explaining and justifying proposals
  • Providing Heritage Impact Assessments to accord with best practice
  • Townscape Character and Impact Assessments 

heritage assessment

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