What is Planned Preventative Maintenance?

Commercial leases will obligate a party to keep a property in good repair throughout the term. When you purchase or lease a building, you’re often committing to regular investment in that property for as long as you own or occupy it.

Proactively maintaining your asset will help to keep its condition and value. What’s more, planning and organising any maintenance projects will enable you to make adequate provision for capital expenditure.

Why use Bidwells for Planned Preventative Maintenance?

  • Bidwells partners with you, understanding how you use the property before undertaking a full assessment of its condition to create a strategy to keep it in good repair.
  • Our bespoke report will include the costing of the repair or maintenance works so you can make adequate provision for this in advance of the works being required.
  • Our experienced team understands the breadth of building warranties and insurance requirements your building is subject to. We will integrate these into the strategy.
  • We understand lease terms, so we know what works you should and should not do to comply with your lease.
jonathan conway

Jonathan Conway

Building Surveyor

dan coston

Dan Coston

Partner, Building Surveying

martin cullip building surveyor

Martin Cullip

Senior Building Surveyor

christopher driscoll

Christopher Driscoll

Senior Building Surveyor

stephen drury

Stephen Drury

Partner, Building Surveying

rowan haines graduate building surveyor

Rowan Haines

Graduate Building Surveyor

paul hazell

Paul Hazell

Associate, Building Surveying

philip kentish

Phil Kentish

Partner, Building Surveying

darren lewins building surveyor

Darren Lewins

Associate, Building Surveying

jason menezes

Jason Menezes

Partner, Building Surveying

timothy neaves

Tim Neaves

Associate, Building Surveying

harry noades graduate building surveyor

Harry Noades

Graduate Building Surveyor

sam potts partner building surveying

Sam Potts

Partner, Building Surveying

daniel rowe

Daniel Rowe

Assistant Building Surveyor

matthew smith

Matthew Smith

Associate, Building Surveying

karen wilkins

Karen Wilkins

Partner, Building Surveying

jonathan wright

Jonathan Wright

Associate, Building Surveying

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