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As a landlord you need to be able to predict and manage risk in order to pursue your business goals with confidence. 

In a competitive commercial property environment where tenant lease and statutory demands are becoming increasingly onerous, you need your buildings to be adaptable to drive returns and portfolio performance.


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Due Diligence


What is Due diligence?

Before you purchase a building you need to be fully aware of the condition it’s in so that you can be sure you’re paying the right price. A due diligence report assesses every aspect of a building to highlight any risks and is usually a must-have if you need a lender to release funds for the sale. However, a report is a vital protection from making a bad investment.


Why use Bidwells for Due diligence?

  • Due diligence is a comprehensive process. As expert building consultants Bidwells understands buildings inside out. We have years of experience in assessing a wide range of building types. We’ll give you a report you – and your lender – can trust.
  • We give you the answers you need in a user-friendly yet authoritative report, including any likely work needed to maintain the building and even an indication of future resale value.
  • Thanks to our efficient team and network of contacts we’ll provide you with a timely, robust report so you can make the right decision.




What are Dilapidations?

Tenants enter commercial leases agreeing to keep premises in repair but for any number of reasons they don’t. The dilapidations process assesses – either during the tenancy or when it ends – what the tenant is liable to fix, how much it will cost and ensures any loss you incur is recovered as quickly as possible.


Why use Bidwells for Dilapidations?

  • The dilapidations process is a complex one. Using Bidwells’ experienced chartered building surveyors enables you to navigate the process clearly, smoothly and quickly.
  • We will accurately assess your tenant’s liability and ensure that this is forthcoming. We will work on your behalf to negotiate with their representatives to achieve a timely and satisfactory result.
  • Our capable team will guide you through every step of the process, explaining the situation, advising you and executing your wishes so that your loss is fully recovered.




What are Repairs and Refurbishments?

Commercial property must be regularly updated and repaired to maximise its value and ensure a safe environment for tenants. Whether you are undertaking a repairs project or want to refurbish your property, Bidwells will manage all aspects of the project’s design and coordination.

Why use Bidwells for Repairs and Refurbishments?

  • Our expertise in this area means that you can trust us to manage every element in the design, procurement and delivery of the building work.
  • We will work with you to define the brief and optimise the design so that it meets the most stringent environmental and building standards.
  • Our teams will manage the entire programme, including budgets and risks, and procure the best professionals to do the work. We will liaise with you regularly to ensure you’re up to speed with all aspects of the project.




What is a Building Reinstatement Cost Assessment?

Having the right insurance for your property is one of the most fundamental ways to reduce risk. You need to know that, in the event of a major incident there are sufficient funds available to rebuild the property to the same specification as before. Knowing how much it would cost to rebuild the property is vital to organising the right insurance provision.

Why use Bidwells for a Building Reinstatement Cost Assessment?

  • Most UK insurers expect a professional, accurate evaluation of a property’s rebuilding cost should it be destroyed. At Bidwells our assessments are trusted by insurers nation-wide for their accuracy and reliability.
  • No one likes paying through the nose for insurance, neither do you want to risk having to pay unforeseen costs. Our assessments will ensure you pay the right price to protect your valuable asset.
  • Our experienced surveyors take a meticulous approach to assessing your property, tailoring our assessment entirely to your individual asset but always supported by the latest market knowledge.




What is Planned Preventative Maintenance?

When you purchase a building you’re committing to regular investment in that property for as long as you own it. Proactively maintaining your asset will help to keep its value. What’s more, planning and organising any maintenance projects will enable you to plan ahead for capital expenditure.

Why use Bidwells for Planned Preventative Maintenance?

  • Bidwells partners with you: understanding your plans for the property before performing a full assessment of it. Then we create a strategy, planning and costing the work so you can incorporate this into service charges.
  • Our experienced team understands the wealth of building warranties and insurance requirements that your building is subject to, and will integrate these into the strategy.
  • Part of the value of your property comes from having ‘good’ tenants, which is often a result of a good landlord/tenant relationship. We’ll liaise with your tenants to plan building work to minimise impact on their businesses.


Party walls


What is a Party Wall?

Party walls separate buildings and property belonging to different owners. If you’re planning building work, even if it’s simply expanding your existing property, the work may impact nearby properties. Our expert team will identify your rights, obligations and liabilities according to The Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

Why use Bidwells for Party Wall projects?

  • Our expert teams will steer you through the issues of party walls, protecting your interests and minimises risks.

  • We will work as your intermediary, liaising with neighbours to gain agreements on access and even on the siting of scaffolding or cranes where necessary.

  • Ensuring that all party wall issues are resolved professionally and legally protects the future integrity and value of your property. If the worst comes to the worst, we will act to resolve any disputes quickly and efficiently.



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