What is Due diligence?

Before you purchase or lease a building, you need to be fully aware of the condition it’s in so that you can be sure you’re paying the right price or rent and be appraised of any potential pitfalls.

A due diligence report assesses every aspect of a building to highlight any risks and is usually a must-have if you need a lender to release funds for the purchase.

A good report can provide vital protection from making a bad investment by highlighting and understanding issues relating to repair or legislation worthy of further consideration, prior to a transaction completing.

Why use Bidwells for Due Diligence?

  • Due diligence requires a comprehensive approach. As expert building consultants we understand buildings inside out and the typical issues associated with each form of construction.
  • We have years of experience in assessing a wide range of building types. We’ll give you a bespoke written report you – and your lender – can trust.
  • We give you the answers you need in a user-friendly yet authoritative report, including any likely work needed immediately or in the future to maintain the building.
  • Thanks to our efficient team and network of contacts we’ll provide you with a timely, robust report so you can make the right, informed decision on whether to proceed with the transaction.
dan coston

Dan Coston

Partner, Building Surveying

jonathan conway

Jonathan Conway

Building Surveyor

martin cullip building surveyor

Martin Cullip

Senior Building Surveyor

christopher driscoll

Christopher Driscoll

Senior Building Surveyor

stephen drury

Stephen Drury

Partner, Building Surveying

rowan haines graduate building surveyor

Rowan Haines

Graduate Building Surveyor

paul hazell

Paul Hazell

Associate, Building Surveying

philip kentish

Phil Kentish

Partner, Building Surveying

darren lewins building surveyor

Darren Lewins

Associate, Building Surveying

jason menezes

Jason Menezes

Partner, Building Surveying

timothy neaves

Tim Neaves

Associate, Building Surveying

harry noades graduate building surveyor

Harry Noades

Graduate Building Surveyor

sam potts partner building surveying

Sam Potts

Partner, Building Surveying

daniel rowe

Daniel Rowe

Assistant Building Surveyor

matthew smith

Matthew Smith

Associate, Building Surveying

karen wilkins

Karen Wilkins

Partner, Building Surveying

jonathan wright

Jonathan Wright

Associate, Building Surveying

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