What are Dilapidations?

Tenants enter commercial leases agreeing to keep premises in repair to a certain standard, but for any number of reasons this doesn't always happen.

The dilapidations process assesses – either during the tenancy or when it ends – what disrepair has occurred and whose liability it is to fix and how much it will cost.

Whether acting for a Tenant occupier or Landlord investor, we can provide the correct advice, aligned with your needs to ensure that you have a strategy in place to deal with the lease expiry.

Why use Bidwells for Dilapidations?

  • The dilapidations process is a complex one. Using Bidwells’ experienced chartered building surveyors enables you to navigate the process clearly, smoothly and quickly
  • We believe being proactive is essential, so we will engage with the tenant or landlord party on your behalf and explain to you the options available to bring the process to a close in a timely manner
  • Acting for Tenant parties, our capable team will guide you through every step of the process, explaining the situation to save you money against the landlords claim
  • When acting for a Landlord, we will ensure that a clear strategy is put in place to allow you to receive your property back in repair or receive a sum of money in lieu through the dilapidations process.
jonathan conway

Jonathan Conway

Building Surveyor

dan coston

Dan Coston

Partner, Building Surveying

martin cullip building surveyor

Martin Cullip

Senior Building Surveyor

christopher driscoll

Christopher Driscoll

Senior Building Surveyor

stephen drury

Stephen Drury

Partner, Building Surveying

rowan haines graduate building surveyor

Rowan Haines

Graduate Building Surveyor

paul hazell

Paul Hazell

Associate, Building Surveying

philip kentish

Phil Kentish

Partner, Building Surveying

darren lewins building surveyor

Darren Lewins

Associate, Building Surveying

jason menezes

Jason Menezes

Partner, Building Surveying

timothy neaves

Tim Neaves

Associate, Building Surveying

harry noades graduate building surveyor

Harry Noades

Graduate Building Surveyor

sam potts partner building surveying

Sam Potts

Partner, Building Surveying

daniel rowe

Daniel Rowe

Assistant Building Surveyor

matthew smith

Matthew Smith

Associate, Building Surveying

karen wilkins

Karen Wilkins

Partner, Building Surveying

jonathan wright

Jonathan Wright

Associate, Building Surveying

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