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The Camps Woodlands, By Camps Reservoir, Biggar, ML12 6UD , £2,750,000

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The Camps Woodlands, By Camps Reservoir, Biggar, ML12 6UD

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The Camps Woodlands

Set around the picturesque Camps Reservoir in the Southern Uplands, the Camps Woodlands extend to

approximately 199.88 hectares (ha) according to Title and offer the opportunity to acquire a

significant area of mixed aged commercial conifer forest, serviced for the most part by existing


Eight non-contiguous blocks make up a compartmented area of 201.29 hectares (ha), comprising 171.61 ha of conifers, 1.36 ha of broadleaves and 28.32 ha of open ground. Please note, there are minor differences between the compartmented area and area according to Title.

The Property will be sold according to Title. Whilst the Property has been mapped, there are no details available on planting years or Yield Classes; prospective purchasers must take their own view on this.

41.6% (71.40 ha) of the 171.61 ha of conifer timber crops can be classed as mature, offering

immediate potential for income generation from timber sales (subject to obtaining the necessary

authorisations). A further 37.7% (64.63 ha) could be considered mid-rotation and 20.7% (35.58 ha)

can be considered as young establishing woodland. The varied age structure offers the potential for

a reasonably regular revenue stream. The Camps Woodlands should attract those looking to invest in

commercial forestry, a real asset, whilst also benefiting from enjoyment of its situation within

the wider landscape.

Location and Directions

The Camps Woodlands are situated around Camps Reservoir in South Lanarkshire, Scotland and occupy gently to steeply sloping ground ranging from approximately 330m to 500m above sea level.

Leaving the M74 at junction 14, take the A702 exit to Crawford/Thornhill/A76 and continue through

the village of Crawford, over the bridge before turning right. Continue on the minor road following signs for Camps Reservoir for approximately 4.5 miles. This road is a “Consultation Route” as designated by the Timber Transport Forum.

Consisting of eight separate woodland blocks, The Camps Woodlands are offered for sale either as a

whole or in four lots. A servitude right of access is in place to reach all lots with maintenance on an according to user basis.


Lot 1, White Gill Wood is accessed directly from the reservoir road at grid reference NS 998 223 (point A on Lotting map). A 4WD forest road runs through the woodland for approximately 1,800 m, serving the majority of the block; some road upgrading may be required prior to timber extraction.

Description Lot 1 - White Gill Wood - £920,000

Lot 1 extends to approximately 53.99 ha and boasts some spectacular mature stands of timber. Of the 47.12 ha of commercial conifer crops, 52.4% (24.68 ha) could be termed mature and 47.6% (22.44 ha) mid-rotation. Spruce species, in pure stands and mixtures, account for 92% (43.15 ha) of the commercially stocked area.

Access - Lot 2 - Tongue Wood, Cowhill Wood and Craigs Wood - £150,000

Lot 2 comprises three separate woodlands to the west of Camps Reservoir. Leave the reservoir road (point B on Lotting Map) and pass ‘Sawmill Cottage’ and ‘Whitegill Cottage’, following the track for approximately 450 m, crossing the Camps Water (river) to an access gate at grid reference NS 996 228 (point C on Lotting Map). From this gate, a 4WD forest track runs for approximately 1,000 m through Cowhill Wood and Tongue Wood. This track has been used to facilitate timber extraction in the past but would require some upgrading prior to future timber harvesting operations.


The three woodlands extend to approximately 23.99 ha. Of the 18.70 ha of commercial conifer crops, 61% are mid-rotation (11.40 ha) and 37% are young established woods (6.95 ha). Approximately 89% (16.70 ha) of the commercially stocked area is spruce dominated.

Access - Lot 3 - Fall Cleuch Wood - £755,000

Lot 3 is accessed from the reservoir road by following the road anticlockwise around Camps Reservoir to reach points D and E on the Lotting Map (grid reference NT 008 228). Some 600 m of internal forest road has been used previously for timber extraction. An existing track at grid reference NT 011 233 would require some upgrading prior to future timber extraction.


Lot 3 extends to approximately 51.33 ha and displays some fine stands of mature spruce. Of the 42.42 ha commercial conifer crops, 42% (17.94 ha) are mature, 22% (9.4 ha) are mid-rotation and 36% (15.08 ha) are young established woods. Spruce species account for 97% (41.11 ha) of the commercially stocked area.

Access - Lot 4 - Back Water Wood, Camps Knowe Wood and Kneesend Wood - £925,000

Lot 4 comprises three separate woodland areas, all accessed via the road which loops anticlockwise around Camps Reservoir. Back Water Wood can be reached by leaving this road at grid reference NT 014 239 (point F on Lotting Map) and following what is then a 4WD track for approximately 2,000 m; there is no internal forest road infrastructure in Back Water Wood. Camps Knowe Wood is accessed from the reservoir road at grid reference NT 011 228 (point G on Lotting Map); an internal 4WD track runs for approximately 900 m which would require upgrading should this be necessary for timber extraction by roadgoing vehicles. Kneesend Wood has no internal forest road infrastructure except for access to an old quarry at grid reference NT 012 220 (point H on Lotting Map).


Lot 4 extends to approximately 71.98 ha over the three blocks. Of the 63.37 ha commercial conifer crops, 45% (28.43 ha) are mature, 34% (21.39 ha) are mid-rotation and 21% (13.55 ha) are young established woods, with 71% (45.04 ha) of the commercially stocked area being spruce dominated

The Whole of The Camps Woodlands

Taken as a whole, the Camps Woodlands are a sizeable area of productive conifer forestry with good proximity to regional and national timber markets. Spruce makes up the majority (72.5%) of the Property. Whilst the woodlands currently display some variable growth rates, they are largely capable of producing high quality timber crops as can readily be seen in the mature stands present. They offer a wide age range, allowing a programme of harvesting to commence immediately (subject to obtaining the necessary authorisations) and with the appropriate management input, subsequent replanting should yield both high quality and quantity of commercial conifer crops. Forestry is a major land use in the area and a good network of management and contracting expertise is locally available.

In addition to the predominantly coniferous area, an attractive mosaic of open ground and broadleaved trees can be found along some of the burns and streams. The purchaser will have the opportunity to create their own management plan for the woodland. At present and taken as a whole, the forest is compliant with UKFS in regard to the percentage of Sitka spruce, diverse conifers and open ground, though some expansion of the area of broadleaves will be required in future replanting.

There are no active grant schemes in place. Further information on the Scottish Rural Development Programme and grant scheme availability can be accessed through the following websites:




Sporting rights are included in the sale, are in hand and unlet.


The majority of the woodlands are protected by stock fencing, maintenance to stockproof standard on a mutual basis with the adjoining landowners.

Third Party Rights and Burdens

The Property will be sold subject to and with the benefit of all servitude rights, burdens, reservations and any other third party rights howsoever constituted.

These include a heritable and irredeemable servitude right of access in favour of Scottish Water for pedestrian and vehicular traffic over all existing tracks, paths and roadways subject to the obligation to contribute to the maintenance, repair and renewal of such tracks, paths and roadways according to a user basis. This includes all necessary wayleaves and servitudes in favour of Scottish Water for common sewers, water supply pipes, gas pipes, electricity and telephones, drainpipes, mains and cables together with a right of access for the purpose of laying, maintaining, renewing such equipment and plant subject to making good any damage caused thereby.

There are servitude rights allowing the neighbouring windfarm to lay, inspect, repair, maintain, renew, replace, operate and use the electricity cables and apparatus in, on, under or over this area of ground with all necessary rights of access for maintenance, repair or renewal. All successors and assignees in title to the Property shall not object to and shall co-operate fully where it is reasonably necessary to do so with the proposed erection of a windfarm and in connection with any matters relating to the said windfarm.

Title Information

Please contact Bidwells to access Title information on the Property. Please note, there are discrepancies between the area shown on the Title Plan (199.88 ha) and the area detailed in the compartment schedule (201.29 ha).

Compartmented maps are available which include sub-compartment and species data. The Property will be sold as per the Title.

Viewing and Closing Date

Viewing is strictly by appointment with the Selling Agents. It is anticipated that a closing date for best offers will be set in due course but the Seller reserves the right to sell without setting a formal closing date. The Seller will not be bound to accept the highest or indeed any offer.

Potential purchasers are advised to formally register their interest, in order that they may be informed if a closing date for offers is set.

Prospective Purchasers and Financial Resources

Any offer by prospective purchaser(s), regardless of where they are ordinarily resident must be accompanied by a guarantee from a banker who is acceptable to the Seller. Any offer by prospective purchaser(s) that is to be reliant on finance must also be accompanied by supporting documents acceptable to the Seller.

Anti-Money Laundering Regulations

Prospective purchasers will be required to produce identification sufficient to satisfy anti-money laundering regulations and checks against the intended purchaser or nominee together with other documentation that may be required, from time to time, in order to support any conditional offers submitted to the Seller. Bidwells LLP accepts no liability of any type arising from your delay or other lack of co-operation. We may hold your name on our database unless you instruct us otherwise.

Selling Agent

Andy Turnbull

Tel: 01738 630666

Mob: 07721 918554


Tom Drewett

Tel: 01738 630666

Mob: 07976 215949


Bidwells, Broxden House

Lamberkine Drive

Perth PH1 1RA

Forest Authority

Scottish Forestry

Central Scotland Conservancy

Bothwell House

Hamilton Business Park, Caird Park



Tel: 0300 067 6006

Email: centralscotland.cons@forestry.gov.scot

Local Authority

South Lanarkshire Council

Almada Street


South Lanarskhire


Telephone: 0303 123 1015



Train Stations
  • Carstairs Junction 22.70km
  • Lanark 23.60km
  • Sanquhar 26.33km
  • Kirkconnel 29.60km

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