sharon dooley
Associate, Rural

Sharon is part of the Consultancy and Valuation team in Milton Keynes and offers over ten years of experience in commercial and residential property.

Sharon joined Bidwells in 2015. She is a Surveyor based in Milton Keynes and concentrates on consultancy, valuation and appraisal advice.

Core valuation competencies include:

  • Appraising development projects for commercial, residential and mixed use schemes.
  • Complex portfolio valuations.
  • General valuations for secured lending, accounts, tax, and investment strategies.


Food Sector

Sharon concentrates on consultancy, valuation and appraisal advice within the food sector, with a specialism in the poultry sector.

Her skills include:

  • Leading portfolio valuations for national poultry companies (including farms, hatcheries and processing factories) within the broiler, laying and breeding sectors.
  • Valuations of poultry farms for secured lending purposes.
  • Property management and strategic advice for national poultry companies.
  • A bespoke acquisition service for poultry companies looking to expand their operations.
  • On average, the Bidwells Food Sector team values over 20 million sq.ft of poultry accommodation every year.
  • In 2016, we valued a total of 166 poultry farms, with a value of over £250 million. 
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