jonathan stewart associate urban design studio
Associate, Urban Design Studio

Jonathan joined the urban design studio in January 2020 and brings over thirteen years’ experience in urban design and master planning across a range of development projects

Jonathan has experience on a comprehensive range of urban design and master planning projects covering a wide range of scales. This includes strategic land promotion, residential, commercial, mixed use and public realm projects. 

Previous projects

Land West of Luton

Client: Abbey Land Developments

 Size: 316ha

Land West of Luton is a large urban extension which has been promoted as a strategic site with the potential to deliver up to 4,600 dwellings. Jonathan’s role included the preparation of a number of development options for the site informed by baseline mapping and site analysis resulting in the preparation and development of a strategic masterplan, which has been used to promote the site within the Central Bedfordshire Local Plan process.

Former Wansbrough Paper Mill, Watchet, Somerset

Client: Tameer Group Ltd

Size: 15.42ha

The former Wansbrough Paper Mill is a large brownfield development site located in Watchet, Somerset and provided an opportunity to create a sustainable, attractively landscaped extension to the town providing a strong, structured edge to the existing urban envelope. Jonathan produced a concept masterplan which was used for consultation before building on the proposals to prepare an illustrative masterplan, Design and Access Statement and Parameter Plans to support a mixed use outline planning application inspired by the character of the town and surrounding countryside.

North West Sittingbourne, Kent

Client: Persimmon Homes

Size: 75ha

North West Sittingbourne is a mixed use site allocation in the Swale Borough Council Local Plan for a minimum 1,500 dwellings including a new country park, a primary and secondary school and local facilities and infrastructure improvements. The site is split between three landowners; Persimmon Homes, Redrow Homes and a private landowner. Jonathan’s role included the preparation of a development framework documents including a strategic, overarching masterplan to be agreed by all applicants and their own design teams. The purpose of the framework and masterplan was to provide the Local Planning Authority with sufficient confidence that the allocation could be delivered in a comprehensive manner and would not result in piecemeal development. The framework document including the masterplan were endorsed by the Council.


Flowers Lane, Crewe, Cheshire

Client: The Fairfield Partnership

Size: 24.4ha

Land at Flowers Lane, Crewe is located within the CS38 Strategic Allocation within the Cheshire East Local Plan. Jonathan prepared a Design and Access Statement, Site Parameter Plan and Illustrative Masterplan to support an outline planning application for the development of 400 new homes. The site consisted of a number of agricultural fields of various sizes bisected by hedgerows and field trees as well as an overhead electricity pylon corridor through the centre of the site. Planning permission was granted in January 2018.

Abbey Fields, Faversham, Kent 

Client: Private 

Size: 13.08ha

Land at Abbey Fields, Faversham is an existing agricultural field located on the north-eastern edge of Faversham’s urban area. The site is highly sustainable, within a ten minute walk of Faversham’s Town Centre. Jonathan was part of the team leading on the project to promote the site through the call for sites process as well as preparing an outline planning application, including a Design and Access Statement, Site Parameter Plan and Illustrative Masterplan, for up to 180 new dwellings.

Stagsden Road, Bromham, Bedford

Client: The Fairfield Partnership

Size: 4.25ha

Land at Stagsden Road, Bromham is a site which was promoted through the Bromham Neighbourhood Plan for the development of up to 80 dwellings. The site is located at the western entrance in to the village and offered a sustainable extension to Bromham and an opportunity to deliver much needed local housing need. Jonathan prepared a Design and Access Statement, Site Parameter Plan and Illustrative Masterplan to support an outline planning application. Permission was granted in October 2019.

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