catriona prebble
Senior Energy & Renewables Consultant

Catriona is an environmentalist with national and international experience of working on a range of projects covering; research, policy and collaborative initiatives in the renewables and forestry industries, and including community group interests.

Catriona works as a member of the renewables team on wind farm and hydro projects across Scotland, for public, private and third sector clients.

She assists landowners through the development process, from securing an initial development interest to negotiating the commercial and operational terms and assisting solicitors with the legal documentation to achieve the best commercial deal for the client.

With recent changes in the support structure for renewable energy, Catriona has been involved in the review of and renegotiation of terms for projects under development as the market evolves.

Increasingly, Bidwells’ role extends into managing the leases of operational sites. Catriona has been involved in overseeing the implementation of site restoration and habitat management plans. She administers the team’s project database with particular focus on managing rental agreements and associated lease obligations.

  • Negotiation of terms for wind farm developments, including assessment of commercial and operational terms for development
  • Review and commentary on legal documentation for renewable energy projects
  • Lease and rental management of operational sites
  • Identifying and providing appropriate support for community renewables
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