Welcome to our Winter Newsletter

2016 has seen more than its fair share of upheaval and the momentous decision to exit the EU earlier this summer will carry ramifications for the UK, EU and world economies for years to come. The current period of uncertainty adds to the volatility surrounding the strength of sterling - though many welcome what is partly seen as a correction.

Change will always bring opportunity (and threat) and it is important that landowners and managers are alert to the changing landscape. Recent commodity prices have been helped by a weak pound and no doubt the Basic Payment this year will be somewhat boosted. Buyers of land and property remain cautious but the forest sales market grows unabated! The forestry sector will, I am sure, respond positively to the Scottish Government’s ambitious planting targets and should help underpin upland land values. All of this is however relatively short term.

As always the key to long term business resilience will rely on good planning and execution. Spotting the opportunities will be important, particularly as our business and agricultural landscapes change.

  • Deer management plans are an essential tool
  • Demand continues for Scotland’s forests
  • Estates adopt holistic approach
  • Political climate creates the perfect storm


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