Babergh District and Mid Suffolk District Council’s Draft Local Plan Consultation (Reg.18) closed on 10th November 2017 and the Councils are currently considering the various representations made with the intention that the ‘Preferred Options’ (Reg.19) consultation will, potentially take place in spring 2018. 

The Joint Local Plan will inform how the Districts will develop over the next 20 years. It will establish how much housing and land for businesses will be needed and where it will go, alongside protecting and enhancing the environment and delivering infrastructure. The consultation document can be viewed online here:



The Local Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State on the 30th November 2017. The Examination in Public is programmed to take place between 17th April and 8th June 2018, with adoption scheduled for later in the summer.



The Forest Heath Local Plan documents (Single Issue Review and Site Allocations Local Plan) were submitted to the Secretary of State for examination on 24 March 2017, with hearing sessions undertaken between 25th September and 19th October.

Recent correspondence from the Inspectors confirmed that the current approach to housing distribution is considered unsound.  The Council have committed to review and amend their approach, specifically in relation to provision in the main towns (Brandon, Newmarket and Mildenhall). 

Once the SALP and SIR are adopted, Forest Heath and St Edmundsbury Councils will begin to prepare a Joint Local Plan. The initial Call for Sites process is expected to take place later in 2018, though no dates have been finalised.




The Greater Norwich Development Partnership agreed the content of the Greater Norwich Local Plan Regulation 18 consultation document on 20th November. The consultation is now in progress (started on 8th January 2018 and has recently been extended to the 22nd March). This is an important stage in the Local Plan process, offering the opportunity to comment on policy options and the growth options proposed by the Great Norwich Local Plan (GNLP) Team. The consultation also offers another opportunity to submit new sites to the GNLP Team to consider for allocation in the Plan, as well as additional evidence to support previous site submissions. The indicative timetable to produce the Local Plan, at the time of writing, is as follows:


Timetable for Preparation of the Greater Norwich Local Plan


Call for sites
Regulation 18 Consultation
Regulation 19 Publication
Pre-examination Meeting
Public Examination

May-July 2016
January-March 2018
June-July 2019
October 2019
January 2020
June 2020
December 2020


In conjunction with the Regulation 18 document, a Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) has also been released, offering a preliminary capacity assessment of all sites submitted through the Call for Sites process that were received before 31st July 2017.



Great Yarmouth Borough Council adopted a new Local Development Scheme 2018 – 2021 in January 2018.  It is anticipated that the Regulation 19 consultation on their Detailed Policies and Site Allocations Plan will take place in April/May 2018. This represents Part 2 of the Local Plan following the adoption of the Core Strategy (Part 1) in 2015.



The Council adopted their Local Plan in Feb 2017. A briefing note is being prepared regarding indicative preparations for a new Local Plan and is anticipated to be released in early 2018.



The Regulation 18 consultation on the Plan was due to take place in late 2017. However, recent proposed changes from Government in relation to the standard methodology for housing need have reduced need in the area and has stalled progress. It is anticipated that the next update on the preparation of the Local Plan will take place in March/April 2018.



North Norfolk is currently finalising the strategic policy options including the overall quantity of development required between now and 2036, and where it could be distributed.  This includes a review of settlement boundaries.

The Council are also undertaking detailed site assessment and sustainability appraisal work which will highlight potential sites for inclusion in the Plan, as well as a full review of the existing development management policies.

This will lead to compiling a draft Local Plan and consultation which is anticipated to take place in September/October 2018.

Local Development Scheme is currently under review following delays in the plan-making process and should publish an updated timetable March/April. Regulation 19 consultation anticipated to commence September/October 2018.



SCDC’s ‘Issues and Options’ consultation closed on 30th October 2017 and the Council is currently considering the various representations made. The next stage, ‘Preferred Options’ consultation is currently expected to take place in June 2018, although there is still potential that this could take place in May 2018. Thereafter, the Pre-Submission (Soundness) consultation is expected to take place during October and November 2018, with Submission of the plan for examination in February 2019, examination hearing in June 2019 and adoption in December 2019.

The ’Issues and Options’ consultation document and the representations made can be found here:



The first draft of the new Local Plan was consulted on between July and September 2017.  A final draft plan for consultation and submission for examination is anticipated in spring 2018, with the Examination hearing over the summer and the Inspector’s final report and adoption anticipated in the autumn.



The draft revision of the NPPF is due to be issued in early March 2018.  Bidwells will provide a note on the implications of the draft document shortly after publication.

The revised NPPF is due to be published by summer 2018.


For more information contact:


James Alflatt

Partner, Planning

01603 229345

Iain Hill

Partner, Planning

01603 229409



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