Renewables is                       

coming of age

The renewable energy industry is re-assessing its development trajectory in the face of a challenging new policy environment where support mechanisms are under pressure and subsidies have been progressively reduced.

Against this backdrop, one could suggest that the industry is unloved and unwanted. However, Bidwells prefers to see it as a sign that the industry is coming of age.

And this view is being echoed by the public who, in a recent UK Government survey, declared its support for renewable technologies at record high levels. According to the latest instalment of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s public attitudes tracker (which surveys public opinions on a variety of energy issues) 79% of those members of the public surveyed generally supported renewable energy. In contrast, opposition to renewables has nearly completely diminished with just 4% of those surveyed expressing opposition to them.

Based on this information, positive moves by the next government to further support green energy would be welcomed by the public and the industry which is currently striving to deliver low carbon energy within constrained policy parameters.

Holyrood’s draft Scottish Energy Strategy makes it clear that the country must become less dependent on fossil fuels and that a greater proportion of our energy mix will come from electricity, potentially generated from wind, solar, anaerobic digestion, hydro and other technologies.

To better address this changing environment, Bidwells has reviewed its offering and its ‘Energy and Renewables’ team is fully focused on delivering the latest opportunities in renewables, infrastructure and energy projects.

This proactive outlook has led to the appointment this month of Rory Hill who brings with him a great deal of experience in solar developments. In his new position, Rory will be focussing on identifying new opportunities for clients in solar, storage and other renewable technologies.

Easy profits may no longer be available but, with commercial awareness and an appreciation of the evolving industry imperatives, rewards can still be found in this sector,

said Rosalind Clifford, Partner with Bidwells’ Energy and Renewables team.

Rory is a very welcome member of our team and his experience with solar developments, from feasibility studies, through planning, construction and onto due diligence for sale will strengthen our offering of expertise in renewable energy sources which includes established technologies such as onshore wind and hydroelectricity, as well as the growing markets for solar, hybrid energy and energy storage in Scotland.

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