Preferred route of Oxford to Cambridge Expressway Announced

A broad corridor – known as Route B - has been announced as the preferred route for the Oxford end of the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway road.

Government has accepted analysis from Highways England that of the 3 options (A, B and C), Corridor B “offered greatest benefit to the region”r

The corridor leaves open options for continuing the road either east or west of Oxford.

Other key points from the announcement:

  • The announcement only narrows the corridor to a broad area within which the road will be developed
  • The preferred corridor identified will “run alongside” the planned route of East West Rail
  • “Extensive further consultation" with local people to find the best available options will begin “next year”
  • The road is “on schedule” to be open by 2030.
  • England’s Economic Heartland is also being commissioned to carry out a study of “how to provide better connectivity across the wider area” 
  • The announcement today rules out construction in the area of the Otmoor nature reserve

In the announcement, the Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, Robert Jenrick, called the ‘Oxford to Cambridge arc’: “one of the greatest opportunities for economic growth in Europe”. 

Planning Partner, Rob Hopwood, said: “Greater clarity on the route is welcome as landowners and investors interested in knowing more about the project are keener still to see certainty and progress on delivery of the Government’s commitment to build one million homes in the region.

“The vision for this ‘Oxbridge Corridor’ should be about more than just roads and railways, however. Government must follow this announcement with more, setting out how Governance arrangements will operate in the corridor and how a joined up economic vision for the region can be delivered in partnership with the private sector.”

The full announcement – including a map of the corridor - can be found here.

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