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Photograph Competition


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Conservation Area in the UK, Bidwells launched an exciting photo competition!

There are approximately 7,000 conservation areas in England, varying in nature and character. They each contribute to their familiar and cherished local scene, adding to the spirit of the place. 

Bidwells invited you to capture, in one photograph, a building or scene which is cherished by you and which adds to the spirit of the place.  

It might be the old buildings, trees, people or shops. It could be the seaside on a sunny or rainy day, a field of wheat, a fantastic woodland scene, a church or castle.

We wanted you to capture the ‘spirit’ of that place in one image.






The images were judged by a panel, including Tristram Godfrey, Photographer.



Under 18 years: 

Image of Hastings by Millie Cash

Millie Cash Hastings under 18


Judges thought this photograph conveyed a strong sense of the remoteness of the place, but also the promise of activity when the boats were in use.  



18 years+: 

Image of Winskill Stones by James Abbott

Winskill Stones James Abbott


Judges felt this image was beautifully composed and demonstrated a variety of photographic skills and knowledge.



To view runners-up entries, please view gallery here.


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