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      Strategic Master Planning

      Giving you the confidence in your decisions to invest in property long-term to achieve a sustainable future.

      Emmanuel College, Cambridge 3
      Emmanuel College, Cambridge

      With a 50+ year strong relationship, we’re trusted to offer Emmanuel clear and creative advice

      A well-articulated master plan ensures you can look ahead to guarantee you make the right decisions now, so you leave your estate in a better position than the one you found it in.

      We really understand both the day-to-day operational needs of a college and the importance of being a coordinated, functional and loved place. Your master plan needs to be the result of a collaborative process that creates something everyone believes in.

      The development industry has a huge role to play in the essential work of climate change. You can make well informed decisions now to contribute to being part of hitting net zero carbon by 2050.

      It might culminate in a beautiful master plan drawing, but behind it, feeding in, are thematic layers; the open spaces, amenities, teaching and research needs, energy requirements, carbon neutral and renewable energy opportunities, noise constraints, cost appraisals and cost benefit analysis. All of these facets, and more, need careful consideration to form a master plan that delivers on your priorities.

      Our approach gives certainty to current custodianship, ensuring a positive legacy of our college clients

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      We don't just bring creativity to the table; we help to liberate your project’s potential by seeing things differently, and help to draw out and unlock your vision.

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      Capital Project Funding Advice

      Whether you are acting on behalf of a university or a developer in funds, receiving informed and researched advice about how best to fund your capital project is crucial in a project’s successful development.

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      Conservation and Refurbishment

      When refurbishing your historic property, handing over responsibility to someone who understands the physical importance and historical significance of each feature and knows how to manage the work is enlightening.

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      Major Building Projects

      We deliver contextually sensitive landmark projects for our clients - unlocking potential and enhancing asset value.

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      Move Management

      Moving people and things into a building after construction can be a stressful proposition, or even a logistical nightmare. We help to streamline and make things as pain-free as possible.

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      Neighbour and Stakeholder Relations

      Whether you are wanting to start work on your property or have been informed by your neighbour of works happening, we act in your interest and unburden the whole process.

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      Planned Maintenance

      Understanding the condition of your buildings allows you to prioritise, budget and plan for future maintenance or restoration - saving you money and energy.

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      Planning and Heritage

      We demystify the world of planning and heritage for our clients, guiding you through best practice with a constant appreciation for your property’s value and your need for commercial advice.

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      Project and Cost Management

      Handing over management, communication and responsibility to experts you can trust to deliver your project is a complete breath of fresh air. We take away a huge amount of burden and risk.

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      Project Monitoring and Audit

      The construction market remains buoyant but fraught with challenges. Our attention to detail on project monitoring and independent auditing is not only reassuring but key to ensuring the project remains compliant.

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      Property and Estate Strategy

      Understanding of a College's operational portfolio, its existing and potential use, likely refurbishment costs and realising opportunities is key to avoiding any costly surprises.

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