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Report Kensington High Street2
Take up in the three main Central London markets touched 11.1m sq ft in 2019, slightly above trend levels. Bidwells' latest research reveals that the London office market saw a rebound in activity in 2019, with take-up 9% ahead of the 10 year trend.
Report Norwich Office2
Space shortages have driven rental growth, with prime rents at an historic high. Bidwells' latest research reveals that the Norwich office market remains challenged by stock shortages, with availability rate sitting close to a 15 year low.
Report Genesis House2
Despite slower take-up than in 2018, the latter half of 2019 saw an upturn in activity, with almost 150,000 sq ft of space under offer by the year end. Bidwells' latest research reveals that following a strong year of take up in Milton Keynes in 2018, activity retrenched a little during the first half of 2019 albeit below the five-year trend.
Blog dreamstime 962261
Bidwells' Head of Agribusiness, Jonathan Armitage, summarises the top five ways UK farming will be affected by Brexit and their impact.
Blog Housing Delivery Test2
The Housing Delivery Test (HDT) results for 2019 have been published by the Government with much excitement in the planning press and on social media. But what do they actually mean for development opportunities in our region? And perhaps more interestingly, what might they mean from November 2020 onwards, when the HDT should apply with full impact once the transitional arrangements easing its introduction will have fallen away?
Blog ESNF Glenbreck Jan 20.1
All political parties have made it clear their commitment to increasing woodland cover in the UK. That comes as good news to the forestry sector and the large numbers of people and organisations who are interested in investing in this green industry.
Report Zephyr Building Harwell3
Oxford office demand reached a record high in 2019, shrugging off economic and political uncertainty. Bidwells' latest research reveals a fall in the Oxford office availability rate to 7% and 1.1 million sq ft of requirements, pushing prime rents to a new record high.
Blog Harwell Zeus2
Oxford faces a record level of 1.1 million sq ft of office space requirements going into the new decade. Despite a challenging year from a wider economic and political front, the market saw take-up pick up towards the year end, comforted by greater certainty.
Blog Cambridge Pie2
The early days of the general election campaign saw several overdue announcements in support of science and technology research. But places like Cambridge and Oxford played a bit part in the national debate...
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