CaMkOx Research

Branding The Arc

The CaMkOx vision must tell a new story about the region, building on its strengths and positioning a competitive and compelling brand in the minds of global investors, Bidwells latest CaMkOx research paper argues. 

The national importance of plans for the corridor stretching from Cambridge to Oxford via Milton Keynes are widely recognised but a consensus over the choice of name, CaMkOx Arc, has been less forthcoming. Comparable regions, the Northern Powerhouse and Midlands Engine, are leading the way in the international marketing stakes. 

Bidwells’ latest research finds the key to the CaMkOx brand is the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, the magnets at either end of the corridor drawing the media’s attention to the bold transport initiatives being proposed. It is Oxbridge’s global brand appeal which attracts the world’s best talent and this, in turn, draws in innovators and investors.

The challenge for the Arc’s partners is to find a brand proposition that harnesses the two university cities’ appeal but also articulates the wider region’s attributes. This provides benefits to the region’s other locations, including the deep and entrepreneurial business base of Milton Keynes which partners perfectly with the Oxbridge institutions and brand.

It must be a narrative in which all partners believe in, a significant but not impossible challenge.

Branding the CaMkOx Arc is the second paper to be released by Bidwells in a programme of research, drawing on Bidwells’ unique experience in the region. 



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