the Growth Corridor

Bidwells releases research paper at MIPIM UK 2018: Are we underestimating the potential of the Growth Corridor?

In 2017 the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) published its recommendations for achieving the economic potential of the Oxbridge Growth Corridor.

The NIC proposals suggest this potential would be unlocked through largescale investment in infrastructure combined with a coordinated approach to housing and employment growth. Specifically, the NIC identify the opportunity to deliver 1 million new homes and jobs across the region by 2050.

Given our 180 years of experience across the area, and understanding of the growth patterns that have emerged, we have been well placed to investigate the potential of the area in more detail.

Based on this analysis, we believe the economic outcomes delivered by the investment and strategic approach may be greater than anticipated.  

Download our research paper to find out more.



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