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Bidwells Planner Barney Ray discusses how the radical new Use Class planning reforms are changing the landscape of our high streets, using a recent client success example.
The current Local Government structure in Hertfordshire comprising the County Council and ten district and borough Councils, which has been in place since local government reorganisation in 1974, is set for change.
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Bidwells' latest Oxford-Cambridge Arc report forecasts 20m sq ft of commercial space will be needed in the region over next two decades. With office and laboratory space demand still strong and radical planning reform promised imminently, Bidwells' latest webinar asked: what's next for the Arc's knowledge economy?
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Reform was promised and change is very much the order of the day for this Government with the latest changes to use classes and permitted development rights. Mike Jones, Planning Partners highlights the fundamental changes to use classes which come in to force on the 1st September 2020.
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On Tuesday, the Government announced new legislation in a bid to boost the delivery of housing and revitalise town centres. Anthony Child, Principal Planner, explains the key changes to the General Permitted Development Order in Bidwells' latest blog.
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As the pandemic continues to affect our everyday lives, planning legislation has had to adapt quickly to ensure the built environment is fit for purpose. Corinne MacDougall from our Scotland planning team outlines the latest updates north of the Border.
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With the Prime Minister promising the most radical reform of the planning system since WW2, Planning Partner Mike Jones asks if we need more haste and less speed.
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The digitisation of the planning process is an opportunity to engage with groups historically excluded from planning - the disabled, ethnic minorities and the young – as well those who might wish to move in to an area, says Senior Planner Suzi Green.
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The Inspector’s letter into the North Essex Authorities’ Section 1 Local Plan finally dropped this week and it wasn’t entirely what the authorities were hoping for. The two largest Garden Communities at West of Braintree and Colchester / Braintree Borders have both been found unsound and will now need to be removed from the Plan. It isn’t all bad news, as the Authorities’ vision for the third Garden Community, Tendring / Colchester Borders, will find its way into the adopted Development Plan.
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