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Blog HAste not speed2
With the Prime Minister promising the most radical reform of the planning system since WW2, Planning Partner Mike Jones asks if we need more haste and less speed.
Blog Digtial planning revolution 4
The digitisation of the planning process is an opportunity to engage with groups historically excluded from planning - the disabled, ethnic minorities and the young – as well those who might wish to move in to an area, says Senior Planner Suzi Green.
Blog Concept Framework2
The Inspector’s letter into the North Essex Authorities’ Section 1 Local Plan finally dropped this week and it wasn’t entirely what the authorities were hoping for. The two largest Garden Communities at West of Braintree and Colchester / Braintree Borders have both been found unsound and will now need to be removed from the Plan. It isn’t all bad news, as the Authorities’ vision for the third Garden Community, Tendring / Colchester Borders, will find its way into the adopted Development Plan.
Blog Science and tech2
The embedded culture of collaboration and innovation in the science and technology sector has been fundamental to the advances made towards combatting Covid-19. The evidence across the Oxford – Cambridge Arc - ranging from diagnostic testing, manufacturing processes and potential vaccines - illustrate the power of the cluster.
Blog Planning Technology2
Planners in both the public and private sectors will find their work is massively disrupted over the next few months and the impact has been acknowledged in a letter from the Chief Planner to all English Local authorities.
Blog Radical Regeneration Manifesto
Slow, overly-politicised and outdated are four words that neatly sum-up the UK’s petrified planning system. Mike Derbyshire, Head of Planning at Bidwells highlights some way the UK planning system can change in the future.
Blog Cambridge GB2
When the revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was launched in 2019 the hopes of many landscape architects were dashed on discovering that neither Green Belt ‘openness’, or ‘valued’ landscape were further explained or defined.
Blog Jenrick2
MHCLG Minister Robert Jenrick announced yesterday [NH1] he is forcing South Oxfordshire District Council (DODC) to adopt its Local Plan by December 2020 - or face the consequences. Nigel Hawkey, Planning Partner in Bidwells’ Oxford office, looks at the implications.
Blog Housing Delivery Test2
The Housing Delivery Test (HDT) results for 2019 have been published by the Government with much excitement in the planning press and on social media. But what do they actually mean for development opportunities in our region? And perhaps more interestingly, what might they mean from November 2020 onwards, when the HDT should apply with full impact once the transitional arrangements easing its introduction will have fallen away?
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