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Bidwells latest Norfolk and Suffolk Offices and Labs research shows Norwich is feeling the impact of a shortage of high quality office space containing take up. Reflecting the stock shortages, the availability rate has declined for four consecutive years to a near ten year low, while requirements continue to climb.
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Bidwells latest Oxfordshire Offices and Labs research shows a step-change in take-up, while pressure on the city's office stock remains driven by accelerating growth in science and tech employment across the market.
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Read our latest blog which analyses activity which drove an increase in office and lab rents last year in Cambridge; it looks ahead to further growth this year; and discusses the key considerations for large company R&D activity, based on Bidwells' latest research undertaken by YouGov.
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Bidwells’ Spring 2019 Cambridgeshire Offices and Labs research paper reports the largest increase in supply in over a decade. Download our research paper to find out more.
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Bidwells Summer 2018 'Our View on Offices and Labs 2018' reveals take up across Oxford, Milton Keynes and Cambridge has averaged 1.5m sq ft since 2012, with Cambridge and now Oxford benefitting from increased investment into the ‘knowledge based’ sectors of the economy.
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Cambridge prime industrial rental growth driven by stock shortages. Bidwells’ Summer 2018 Cambridgeshire Industrial databook paper reports prime industrial rents now stand at £13.50 per sq ft.
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Bidwells’ Summer 2018 Norfolk/Suffolk Offices databook paper reports the availability rate falls to 4.5%. With 0.5m sq ft lost to other uses and insufficient new stock coming online, take-up in the city has slowed. Download our research paper to find out more.
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Bidwells' research shows prime office rents in London's West End stand at £125 per sq ft and are expected to return to previous peak levels by 2023. Download our research to find out more.
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Bidwells' research shows prime office rents in the area have reached a new peak level of £25 per sq ft. Download our research paper to find out more.
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