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Blog Concept Framework2
The Inspector’s letter into the North Essex Authorities’ Section 1 Local Plan finally dropped this week and it wasn’t entirely what the authorities were hoping for. The two largest Garden Communities at West of Braintree and Colchester / Braintree Borders have both been found unsound and will now need to be removed from the Plan. It isn’t all bad news, as the Authorities’ vision for the third Garden Community, Tendring / Colchester Borders, will find its way into the adopted Development Plan.
Blog Science and tech2
The embedded culture of collaboration and innovation in the science and technology sector has been fundamental to the advances made towards combatting Covid-19. The evidence across the Oxford – Cambridge Arc - ranging from diagnostic testing, manufacturing processes and potential vaccines - illustrate the power of the cluster.
Report Our view on offices labs2
Bidwells launches its latest Our View on Offices and Labs research, Spring 2020. Take up across the Oxbridge Arc was 1.4m sq ft in 2019, above the 10 year average, bolstered by a particularly strong year of activity in Cambridge (805,000 sq ft).
Report Our view on industrial2
Bidwells launches its latest Our View on Industrial research, Spring 2020. Industrial take up across the Oxford-Cambridge Arc remained above trend levels for the seventh year in a row driven by an increase in the M1 South market in the second half of the year.
Report High Street Retail Spring 2021
Bidwells has released its High Street Retail research paper, Summer 2020. Availability continues to tighten, having fallen by 26% from the recent peak in mid 2017. The average availability rate stands at 8.9%, with only 12% of supply in prime units.
Report Out of Town Retail Spring 2021
Bidwells has released its Out-of-town Retail research paper, Spring 2020. Take up across the main out of town retail markets rebounded from a disappointing 2018, with 214,600 sq ft of lettings. Ipswich and Cambridge accounted for 78% of activity.
Blog Planning Technology2
Planners in both the public and private sectors will find their work is massively disrupted over the next few months and the impact has been acknowledged in a letter from the Chief Planner to all English Local authorities.
Report M1 South Industrial mAIN2
Bidwells has released its Spring 2020 M1 South industrial research which reveals that the Milton Keynes and Northampton industrial market saw close to 3m sq ft of take-up in 2019, well ahead of the long run average.
Report Norfolk and Suffolk Industrial Main2
Bidwells has released its Spring 2020 Norfolk and Suffolk industrial research which reveals that supply constraints are taking their toll on the Norwich market, frustrating potential occupiers and supressing take up, which has fallen below the long term average.
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