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What is the future of plan-making for new unitary authority Buckinghamshire Council? Principal Planner in Bidwells’ Milton Keynes, Robert Love, has all the details.
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There’s a growing recognition and desire for a low-carbon 'green recovery' as we emerge from crisis. But Partner in Forestry, Andy Turnbull, asks if a new way of valuing forests could be the real catalyst for a step change in UK woodland creation?
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The digitisation of the planning process is an opportunity to engage with groups historically excluded from planning - the disabled, ethnic minorities and the young – as well those who might wish to move in to an area, says Senior Planner Suzi Green.
Report Rural background
We hosted a webinar to discuss how Rural Estates are taking on the challenge of COVID 19
Report London and the Ox Cam Arc2
A research paper examining the needs for future-proofing the knowledge economy in Oxford, Cambridge and London, the so-called Golden Triangle. we plan, design and build for these sectors.
Report Rural background
We hosted a webinar to discuss opportunities through environmental gain and rewilding.
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Covid 19 has forced us all to reconsider our view of the world. But I can report that my view of the strategic planning world hasn’t altered. I’m still in no doubt that sweeping changes are necessary. More than ever, the planning system needs leadership on the big issues.
Report New Bidwells research has revealed that up to 20 million sq ft of new lab and office space will be required in the Oxford-Cambridge Arc within the next two decades to keep pace with soaring demand, twice the volume of the previous 20 years.
The Oxford-Cambrdge Arc has established a critical mass which is gaining momentum, with the core science, technology and engineering locations of Oxford, Cambridge and Milton Keynes reinvigorating the wider region. These three local economies have been very important in determining the success of the Arc over the past five years.
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