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Bidwells has released its Summer 2020 Norfolk and Suffolk industrial research which reveals that despite the pandemic disruption, Norfolk industrial take up in 2020 will exceed the long run trend for the first time in five years.
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Bidwells' latest webinar provided an update on the latest progress with Local Plans coming forward across the Oxford-Cambridge Arc, London and the wider eastern region, plus strategic planning opportunities arising from the Planning White Paper.
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COVID-19, Climate Change, Net Zero Emissions … the Scottish planning system is responding to an influx of issues as well as updating other elements of the planning system such as public consultation. We are delighted to share Bidwells’ September Planning Update which aims to keep you updated on these current consultations and associated timescales.
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Bidwells Planner Barney Ray discusses how the radical new Use Class planning reforms are changing the landscape of our high streets, using a recent client success example.
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As the tech sector and associated businesses rise to the pressures and opportunity presented by the new reality of COVID-19, there was, inevitably, going to be a real world impact of the virtual change. This has been exemplified in the Milton Keynes office market. Read our blog to find out more.
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Oxford, Cambridge and Milton Keynes have taken a central role in the fight against COVID-19, with science and tech a key driver of this continued activity. Read our blog discussing business activity across the Arc, the future science and tech hotspots, and the importance of collaboration in our knowledge economies.
Report Kensington High Street2
The pandemic inevitably had an immediate impact on the London office market, as requirements were placed on hold. But, having entered the crisis from a robust position, the West End market has the capacity to work through the longer term implications of the ‘new normal’.
Report Norwich Office2
The crisis slowed Norwich office market activity during H1, although having started the year with stock levels at their lowest point since 2007 potential tenants continue to face limited options.
Report Genesis House2
The Milton Keynes office market saw take up return to trend levels during H1 despite the pandemic disruption. SME activity has remained strong and those businesses seeking larger floorplates face a challenge with the supply of Grade A space standing at a 15 year low.
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