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A new regular look at Cambridge’s best kept secrets begins in Newnham as Bidwells’ Andrew Tucker looks at what makes it so special.
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Recent announcements are now shaping the agenda for the Oxford - Cambridge Arc following the Spring Statement in March and joint ambition declaration of government and local partners.
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With the legislation surrounding residential lettings constantly changing, here is an overview of some key factors relating to such lettings that anyone renting out residential property should be aware of.
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The Out of Town Experience: can laser tag and crazy golf DJs make the Oxford-Cambridge Arc’s multi-generational consumers happy again?
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Bidwells has released its Out-of-town Retail research paper. Challenges facing the retailers are reflected in take-up across the Oxbridge Growth Corridor take-up falls to to its lowest level since 2014. There are exceptions however with new operators absorbing vacated space in some locations - Cambridge saw the highest level of take up since 2012. Download our research paper to find out more.
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Bidwells has released its High Street Retail research paper, Spring 2019. Rental readjustments across the Bidwells region have presented opportunities for retailers seeking space in key locations. Both take up and demand remain stable across the market as a whole, although Cambridge is currently seeing the strongest level of requirements. Download our research paper to find out more.
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Farmers have been promised “business as usual” for the 2019 Basic Payment Scheme, before changes announced in the 2018 Agriculture Bill may be introduced. But no year of the scheme has been entirely straightforward. Bidwells’ Helen Peirson offers some pointers
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A year after submission, last week Plan:MK was adopted as the strategic Local Plan document to shape growth of the borough to 2031. Planning Associate, Mark Harris gives his insight into what is next for Milton Keynes.
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Plan:MK was adopted on the 20th March as the strategic Local Plan document to shape growth of the borough for a minimum of 26,500 homes, almost a year after submission. Planning Partner, Mike Jones explains the key areas of the plan.
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