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Our View on Cambridgeshire Offices and Labs Spring 2019

Bidwells’ Spring 2019 Cambridgeshire Offices and Labs research paper reports the largest increase in supply in over a decade. Download our research paper to find out more.
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Timber Price Database WINTER 2018

We are delighted to announce that the Winter 2018 issue of the Bidwells Timber Price Database is now available.
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What is Overage?

Bidwells discusses what is overage and the concept of overage agreements in property transactions.

Rural Spectator: Poultry Unit Investment

There has been a considerable investment by farmers into poultry units over the last five years driven by good returns and an increasing demand for free range eggs. In this edition, we look into the approach needed to set up a poultry enterprise.
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Are we underestimating the potential of the Growth Corridor?

In 2017 the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) published its recommendations for achieving the economic potential of the Oxbridge Growth Corridor. We believe the economic outcomes delivered by the investment and strategic approach may be greater than anticipated.

Leaving a well-being legacy in the Oxbridge Growth Corridor

The Oxbridge Growth Corridor is now a national priority. Linking the highly successful knowledge-based economies of Cambridge and Oxford is a government strategy (NIC 2017) to drive economic growth across this region by policy proposals focussing on transport (road and rail) and 1 million new homes by 2050.
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Our View on Out of Town Retail 2018

Bidwells has released its Out-of-town Retail research paper. In the out-of-town market both rents and yields stabilised in the first half of 2018, driving improved total returns across most of the Bidwells region, due largely to good income returns.
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Our View on High Street Retail 2018

Bidwells has released its High Street Retail research paper, Summer 2018. Despite the tide of bad news emanating from the retail sector, take-up across the Bidwells region remains above trend
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Rural Spectator: The Agriculture Bill

The government’s long-awaited Agriculture Bill, which sets in train the biggest reform to the farming subsidy system for a generation, received its first reading on 12 September.
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