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Blog Housing2
The Housing Delivery Test (HDT) results for 2020 have now been published by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG). Senior Planner, Suzi Green gives her commentary on the results and what this means for development opportunities in our region.
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Bidwells' latest Market Databook research reveals the second half of 2020 saw office and laboratory take up return to trend levels following a COVID-19 disrupted H1. Cambridge has been on the axis of the UK pandemic response sustaining business activity across the city. The market has seen take up continue across a range of business sectors, but dominated by knowledge intensive industries.
Blog A green home2
While the pandemic is taking centre stage again this year, we mustn’t allow ourselves to become complacent about climate change. One way you can improve your impact upon the environment is through your home. Our new office has been built to exceed regulation standards in energy efficiency and sustainability. Here are some tips on helping you go green with your home.
Blog Tractor2
As the 12-month transition period for Brexit passed on 31 December, and the UK managed to avoid a ‘no deal’ Brexit scenario, what does a new trade agreement look like for the farming business? Ian Ashbridge, Partner in Agriculture and Environment explains what impact the new deal has on the agriculture industry.
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Does your school building project seem to be dragging on? Are you having meetings about meetings, and not seeing any progress? Tom Sampson, Partner at Bidwells, suggests perhaps it’s time to crack the whip on your project team. Here’s his five top tips on what you should be demanding from your project manager.
Blog Tractor2
The biggest surprises in the Government’s Path to Sustainable Farming were the scale and speed of cuts to the Basic Payment Scheme, or Direct Payments as they are commonly referred to in the Agricultural Transition Plan (ATP). Ian Ashbridge, Agriculture and Environment Partner at Bidwells, shares his insight on what these cuts mean for farming businesses and sustainability.
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As the biggest changes to farming for a generation are revealed in The Agricultural Transition Plan 2021-2024, Bidwells offers further context and analysis to help farmers and landowners prepare to adapt for the future.
Blog Arc logo2
The Government’s Spending Review announcement of £4 million to help deliver an Oxford-Cambridge Arc-wide spatial strategy, alongside four development corporations, will keep the Arc project afloat, but it’s just a drop in the ocean, according to Bidwells’ head of planning Mike Derbyshire.
Blog Warborough2
Lockdown has led us to look more closely at our local environment and in April and May, we were all rather more bound to making our way on foot or bicycle. Chris Surfleet, Head of Heritage, explains what this rare attention to our surroundings means for the heritage world , particularly relating to two normally exceptional areas of planning: spotlisting and its nemesis, Certificates of Immunity (COI).
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