Herb planters

within the home

Kitchens are the busiest room and hub of your home, but they’re often neglected in terms of interior design.

If getting your kitchen redone is a bit over your budget, an easy and affordable way to freshen up your kitchen is by having planters filled with a variety of different herbs.

Herbs are available in a variety of different supermarkets and garden centres. They smell fantastic and are lovely to look at. They can be a point of interest on your windowsill, in your garden or if you’re feeling adventurous you can pop them onto a leaning ladder shelf against your wall.  


But they’ll make my kitchen too green I hear you cry! You can place your herbs in funky, colourful ceramic pots and wooden boxes to reflect your own personality and individual style.

Keeping a selection of herbs within your kitchen will add flavour to your interior design and to your home cooking.   


Creating an oasis within your home


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