APRIL 14 | 12- 1PM

Lab Design for the Future

As the science & technology sector evolves, so too must its real estate. The utilisation of AI, robotics and cloud-based research data is changing the way scientists work and the spaces they occupy. Demand and pace of start-ups and spin-outs is rapidly changing the market.

In this webinar, we will discuss meeting market needs in creating flexible, sustainable and collaborative spaces for the evolving research and development environment, looking at real examples in practice. 


Richard Todd, Bidwells (Chair)
Dr John Baker, Abcam
Peter Crowther, Bruntwood SciTech
Nicki Campling, Barclays Ventures Eagle Labs
Jon Roylance, ADP Architecture
Sam Potts, Bidwells



DECEMBER 3 | 12- 1pm

Booming Science & Tech Clusters

This webinar has now taken place, but you can view the recording here >

Over the last 12 months, our research has built up a unique database of science and tech businesses and the floorspace they occupy across the clusters, which tells a myriad of stories about future advances.

Find out more as we discuss the growing clusters across the Arc and which sectors are contributing to the expansion of these clusters.


  • Liz Craig (chair), Partner, Bidwells
  • Prof. Andy Neel OBE, University of Cambridge
  • Pete Wilder, Oxford Science Innovation
  • Olaide Oboh, First Base
  • Sue Foxley, Director of Research, Bidwells
  • David William,  Partner, Bidwells
  • Saul Western, Partner, Bidwells
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