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The University of Cambridge has opportunities for local retailers to support and be part of the new community at Eddington.

Eddington's market square is located in the North West Cambridge Development in between Madingley Road and Huntingdon Road. It includes a Sainsbury's supermarket with space for retailers, homes, school and community care.

Opportunities for retailers to rent commercial space exist which have permission for A1, A3 and A4 use.

Interested proprietors should demonstrate a strong and existing trading record and be keen to support the growing community.

All 9 units are ground floor only, the units can be divided/combined if required. The units comprise the following approximate dimensions and floor areas:

Unit Nos Dimensions Floor area
A1 Internal width 6.6 m
Shop depth 14.2 m 90 sq m/969 sq ft

A2 Internal width 18.8 m
Shop depth 6.8 m 100 sq m/1,077 sq ft

A1 / A2 Combined 190 sq m / 2,045 sq ft

B1 Internal width 7.8 m
Widening at the rear
Shop depth 24.7 m 200 sq m / 2,153 sq ft

B2 Internal width 7.5 m
Shop depth 10.6 m 77 sq m / 829 sq ft

B3 Internal width 7.5 m
Shop depth 10.6 m 77 sq m / 829 sq ft

B4 Internal width 7.5 m
Shop depth 10.6 m 77 sq m / 829 sq ft

B5 Internal width 7.3 m
Shop depth 10.6 m 755 sq m / 807 sq ft
Note: Units can be combined

D1 Internal width / frontage 32.4 m
Shop depth 14.0 m 355 sq m / 3821 sq ft

Z1 Internal width / frontage 8.4 m
Shop depth 9.0 m
Plus small storage area 75 sq m / 807 sq ft

All of the units benefit from external seating if required.

The units will be handed over in shell condition with the Tenant putting in shop fronts, except Unit Z1 where a shop front is already installed.

Further details depending upon intended use and size of units upon request. Rents will be exclusive of business rates, service charge and VAT.

All the units have A1, A3 and A4 use.

Service Charge
There is a service charge to cover the insurance and maintenance and repairs of communal areas, the current estimate is £7 per m sq.

For further information please contact:

James Lankfer
01223 559558

Barry Woodhouse
01223 559511

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