townscape and visual impact
assessment, hills road, cambridge

Located within a Conservation Area and adjacent to the Cambridge University Botanic Garden, our Townscape and Visual Impact Assessment (TVIA) provided the necessary evidence to inform the development of the proposal and facilitate liaison with the local authority.

What we did

  • Contributed to the Townscape and Visual Assessment chapter of the Environmental Statement through the completion of a Townscape and Visual Impact Assessment (TVIA) compliant with the relevant EIMA and Landscape Institute guidance

  • An informed and efficient liaison with the local authority assisted the positive progression of the pre-application process by facilitating engagement with the relevant stakeholder within the council

  • The TVIA informed liaison with the local authority by providing a thorough overview of the expected development effects. This included a selection of viewpoints portraying the proposals from different sensitive locations, and detailed liaison with the landscape officer to agree the most effective approach to the visual assessment of the proposal

  • We were able to negotiate with the landscape officer to achieve a favourable approach to the visual assessment for the client, reducing the amount of technical visualisations to be produced 

  • The TVIA input to the evolution of the design proposals was essential to tackle the challenging volumes and overall height by identifying the critical effects on valuable townscape characteristics of Cambridge


  • Production of 21 technical visualisations, of which nine were full rendered, of the 33 originally discussed with the local authority
  • Positive local authority comments praised the approach and quality of the TVIA, recognising the efforts and achievement of an iterative design process where the assessment positively influenced the development proposals

"The landscape team has had extensive discussions regarding the content and viewpoint selections for the LVIA/TVIA and we consider the quality of the LVIA to be high and the conclusions fair and correct."
Landscape Officer, Cambridge City Council 



 Image: DRaW

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