townscape and visual impact
assessment in cambridge

Located within a Conservation Area and adjacent to a Protected Open Space, our Townscape and Visual Impact Assessment provided the necessary evidence to inform the development of the proposals and facilitate liaison with the local authority.

What we did

  • Through the application of a thorough methodology, the Townscape and Visual Impact Assessment (TVIA) provides solid and reliable evidence of the expected impact of this large-scale development within a sensitive townscape context

  • The TVIA findings uncover only a few significant effects limited to local views and character of the local green space

  • Beneficial effects on the Howard Mallet Centre, a locally notable feature, were proved thanks to the improvements that the proposal brings to an otherwise nondescript area of car park and road verges

  • Coordination of the production of appropriate technical visualisations was pivotal to support a valid argument regarding the limited visual impact of the proposals


  • Through a comprehensive assessment process, we were able to narrow down the TVIA findings to one significant townscape effect and two significant visual effects 

  • Bidwells’ Urban Design Studio team was able to demonstrate the positive value of the proposal with a beneficial impact on the setting of the Howard Mallet Centre



height structure over the Howard Mallet Centre


Federation Hermes Sturton Street Cambridge

 Image: All Design

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