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Our work for Crown Estate Scotland has developed from tendering for a small piece of asset management work back in 2000, to managing all the client’s marine assets in Scotland today.

Crown Estate Scotland has many thousands of tenants, customers and stakeholders located throughout Scotland, and reaching some of its outlying areas can take two days. Although it’s a hugely diverse portfolio, we spotted scope to streamline approaches and processes; including the master agreements Crown Estate Scotland has with its multi-site tenants.

Our skillset has evolved along the way. Over time we’ve appointed community marine officers and developed a team with a hugely impressive and highly specialist understanding of the marine community and environment. There was no rulebook for managing an asset of this type, scale and variety, so we’ve simply worked with our client to write one.

Our work with Crown Estate Scotland has led us into some hugely interesting territory – literally. However, as the client requires us to, we see the asset as a commercial one, but one that must be managed sympathetically and holistically for the benefit of the people of Scotland.

Andrew Wood, Partner



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