The Belvedere                                 


The development of a 2.1-hectare site for 23 new homes, within the Green Belt on the site of an existing entertainment venue.

Bidwells Urban Design Studio and Architecture teams have collaborated to create detailed proposals for conversion of the site to residential use. The proposals must pass the green belt test, with the housing envelope, building footprints, volume and massing under heavy scrutiny. We have put forward proposals which we feel adequately address these concerns, with a full application to be submitted in early 2017.


What we did

  • Submission of a full planning application for residential development in a Green Belt location.

  • Master Planning, Landscape Design and LVIA services.

  • The design proposal must meet the Green Belt test.

  • A full planning application was submitted to Basildon District Council in March 2017.



  • The application was approved in February 2019, subject to conditions.
  • We submitted discharge of conditions for landscaping in April 2019.
  • These conditions were approved in July 2019.




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