The Diocese of Oxford 

for The Diocese of Oxford

Bidwells was instructed on a previously under-managed section of the Diocese’s Glebe Portfolio and has been working with the Diocese of Oxford to ensure that the portfolio is regularised and opportunities are identified which meet the wider objectives of the client, including a significant residential development scheme.


“ Bidwells had to tackle the mundane and complex multiple ownership development sites and in each case, brought inhouse expertise from other offices. Communication has always been good, and this has been the key to our excellent working relationship with them.“ 
David Mason, Director of Glebe and Buildings


What we did

  • Reviewed the properties within the portfolio to ensure tenancy situations are regularised where needed
  • Sought to identify opportunities which met the overall needs of the Board of Finance, including sales, purchases and development opportunities
  • Ensured compliance with the relevant charity and ecclesiastical legislation in all transactions



  • Dealing with a Promotion Agreement for a significant residential development scheme (280 units)
  • Regularised several unclear tenancy situations to protect the client’s interest
  • Successfully removed trespassing horses from long-term development land and identified a suitable tenant to occupy the land
  • Through identification of special purchasers, concluded several small sales in excess of the market value


The Diocese of Oxford Strategic Estate Management of Glebe Property


units in single residential development scheme for the Diocerse of Oxford

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