Setting Assessment

Plot 13, Markham Vale

FOR henry boot development ltd

Preparation of Heritage Statement to support a planning application to assess the impact of the proposed development on the setting of identified heritage assets. This included assessing the wider context of assets located within the extended setting of the development site.


What we did

  • The proposed scheme sought an increase in the approved height of an industrial building from that set out in the the Markham Vale Design Framework, which accompanied an Outline Planning Application for the entire site

  • We undertook site visits to over 20 individually statutorily listed heritage assets, including Grade I Bolsover Castle

  • We researched and analysed the historic development of the site and wider surrounding area

  • Prepared Significance Assessment to assess the heritage value of all heritage assets which may potentially be impacted as a result of the proposed scheme

  • Prepared Impact Assessment which provided a detailed assessment an evaluation of impacts, with particular focus on how and to what extent any impacts deriving from the proposal would affect the special interest of Bolsover Castle.




  • Fully approved



Markham Vale is located in Derbyshire, approximately five miles east of Chesterfield and two miles west of Bolsover. The development is located adjacent to the M1 and extends over a 200-acre site. The approved outline scheme delivers the potential for the development of 11 core coalfield sites and comprises mainly industrial uses. The site is surrounded by a large number of heritage assets including the Grade I listed Bolsover Castle, Sutton Scarsdale Hall and Hardwick Hall. There are also a number of Conservation Areas and Registered Park and Gardens.



Henry Boot Development

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